Sioux Falls Organizing


Organizing Sioux Falls
Organizing Sioux Falls

Whether you need help to fine tune existing systems or creating order out of complete chaos, Organizing by Lisa has the skills needed to come to your aid whether it's home, closet, office organization or more she will be there to help.

Lisa provides one-on-one personalized Professional Organizer services in the Minnehaha and Lincoln County region of South Dakota.  (Professional Organizer serving the areas surrounding Sioux Falls, Brookings, Vermillion, Harrisburg, Tea and beyond!)

Long Distance Virtual Coaching Consultations are also available to help with

-Home Organization-
*  De-clutter and organize any space in your home
*  Create order in each room by finding logical places for your items
*  Organize photos and memorabilia
*  Create systems and/or routines to better manage your home and family life

-Meal Planning-
* Aid in planning to make the most of your grocery budget
* Plan, purchase, and prepare meals
* Saving money by eliminating food spoilage and decreasing the amount spent eating out.

-Family Management Coaching-
* Aid in setting up personalized systems for routine home maintenance.
* Solutions to finding balance in family obligations, activities and scheduling
* Provides encouragement and support for families seeking more peace & order within their home.
* Help through life’s transitions: marriage, death, birth, graduation, and moving.

-Office Organization-
*  Sort through paper (no matter how many piles)
*  Aid in determining what papers to keep and for how long
*  Create customized filing systems to manage your papers
*  Organize desk, cupboards and work areas

-Relocation Services-
* Aid in preparing for a move
* Aid in preparing to downsize to a smaller space
* Aid in setting up organized spaces in your new home

-Assistance in De-Cluttering-
* Aid in the planning, pricing & staging of your garage sale
* Organizing pick up of unwanted furniture, clothing, and other un-needed items.
* Provide assistance in dropping off donated items.

-Time Management Coaching/Consulting- 
* Provides support in pursuit of more productivity in home, office, and/or personal goals
* Calendars and list’s for busy households.
* I can assist in how best to use the 24 hours given to you in a day.

* To help people on the road become organized.
* Teach you how to start a project within your living environment.
* How to start a meal prep system.
* How to gift and downsize during the later years.
* How to keep the kids play areas tidy and how to set up a toy rotation system.



Organizing Sioux Falls


Sioux Falls Organizing
Sioux Falls Organizing
Sioux Falls Organizing
Organizing Sioux Falls
Sioux Falls Organizing
Organizing Sioux Falls
Sioux Falls Organizing


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Sioux Falls

Sioux Falls Organizing